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Lawn Care Plans Comparison

Landscape Fertilization

Liquid Organic based Fertilizer (Plant Health Care) is a dry, water dispersible micro-nutrient treatment.; great for plants in enclosed areas: buildings or hardspace. It replaces nutrients that plants have depleted.

    1. Excellent for plants undergoing or recovering from stress
    1. For plants expressing symptoms of mineral deficiencies
    1. Contains various mineral Macro and Micronutrients

Core Aeration - important part of any turf maintenance program.

Core Aeration What is Core Aeration? Core Aeration is the removal of small plugs (2 to 3”) from the soil.

Why Aerate? Benefits all species of grass. Helps with Soil Compaction, a normal problem in many yards. Breaks down Thatch Build Up. More than 1/2” indicates solil compaction may be an issue. Improves the effectiveness of fertilizer, fungicides & pesticides when applied. Builds better root systems to withstand drought

Lawn Repair & Overseeding

What you need to know about Lawn Repair

Fall is the best time to renovate

Thatch Build Up is removed.

Additional Soil may be used

Seed, Starter Fertilizer and possibly cover will be applied