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Jeff Taylor, operations manager of JE Lawn Care became the new owner in Nov 2014. The company name has changed to J.E.T Lawn Care, LLC.

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Snow Mold!

What is Snow Mold? Snow Mold is a fungus or turf disease that shows up in early spring as snow melts away. The good news is, it is usually not fatal to your lawn and you can do something about it now in the fall to help prevent Snow Mold in the Spring.

Snow mold comes in two varieties: gray or pink. Damage is concentrated in circles up to twelve inches in diameter, but can look larger because there may be additional circles and it becomes hard to tell them apart.

Can I prevent Snow Mold? Asking the question “Can I prevent Snow Mold?” is like asking, “Can I prevent a heart attack?” There are things we can do to lessen the possibility of having Snow Mold. They all deal with Proper Lawn Maintenance.

  • Your Final Mow should be about 2.5” with a sharp blade. Remember, we don’t want to remove more than 1/3rd of the blade at a time. We do this to prevent the grass from laying over on itself. As long as the grass is growing, you should be mowing.

  • Fall clean up is important. We want to removing leaves and debris from the lawn.

  • A good Fertilization Program will do wonders. If you begin with a healthy lawn, recovering from the stress of winter comes earlier.

  • Aeration is never a bad idea in the fall. Aeration breaks down thatch build up. Increases air and water movement in the soil. Helps with soil compaction. Finally, improve the effectiveness of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides when they are applied to your lawn.

What can I do if I have snow mold in the spring? Not much, the damage is already done. It will take time to recover. The more your lawn can dry out the better. You can usually mow your way out of the damage. As your lawn grows you will simple mow it off. If you want faster results, take a leaf rake to the damaged areas removing thatch and debris to open up the damaged area.

It is important to act now. Don’t wait, it’s not too late.

by Jeff Taylor Snow Mold Fertilization Aeration


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